I have put my piano practice journal online and I ambitiously write it in English as well – not my native language – in order to make it accessible for other readers. Playing the piano could be rather lonely sometimes and I believe it is good to exchange experiences … especially about the not-so-glamorous part of piano playing: the everyday struggle. For me as an amateur player it does not just mean struggling with the learning and practicing as such, but also to make ends meet and simply find time and energy for playing. Sometimes you don’t.

As a first attempt to find a decent formula for this blog, I use three categories in it. If you want to read just my practice journal, which is written more for me than for anyone else (yes, I frequently go back and check my notes there), you can follow this category. Story┬áis my personal story about my journey as a hobby pianist, and I don’t know how and where it will end! Reflections, however, are some less personal reflections and facts about piano in general, and also the section for my more timeless thoughts.

I am an engineer in applied physics, but nowadays I work mostly as a freelance technical translator. I also have a degree in technical writing, and I have published a fiction novel as well. This means that I am extremely talkative in text, but also that I want my material well presented and often revise it.

Why do I play the piano then? Well … hopefully this blog will give some hints, at least.